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Usually, the problem isn't an unwillingness to do the homework at all; after all, you did search for this article. and "There for you" are service marks or registered service marks of, Inc.© 2007-2019 Consider making a game-time decision when your child gets home from school. Also, take 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes so your homework doesn't feel endless and you have something to look forward to. Anxiety is a physical condition marked by intense and persistent feelings of distress, fear, angst or dread. If you have relevant files or specific sources which a writer should use, attach them to the paper instructions. Is it better for kids to get right down to homework so they can relax the rest of the night or relax first and wait to tackle it until later in the afternoon or evening? You are looking for something that isn’t there. Learn how to prepare for a homework session, stay focused on your work, and do your homework efficiently. If you think your child could use 30 minutes to decompress after school, allow it.


Quick and Easy, each postcard would bear a single, bold image of an eye with space under it for a short, pointed message, communicating the fact that we the public are watching them.


Hand-drawn, the eyes would all be different. They could be crude or refined, simple or complex, cartoon-like or realistic, in black and white or color. Style and drawing skill do not matter. The only thing that matters is that the image is recognizable as an eye.

Eyes are easy to draw: one curving line above, one curving line below, and a circle in the middle. When in doubt, Google Images provides hundreds of images of eyes that can be copied.


The message under the eye should be short and ominous, along the lines of, but not limited to:

We Are Watching You


We Watch and We Vote

The Voters are Watching You

Citizens See All

They can also include a brief, topical message, such as:

Protect Mueller Investigation

Russia, Hand’s Off Our Elections

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Politicians

Equal Pay for Women

Build, Don’t Destroy

Train Us for a Changing Future

 Put Country above Party

GOP, the America Last Party

Going Backwards in All Directions

Imagine receiving such postcards, perhaps a few a day every day and from all over the country — all different but all with the same basic message.
We Are Watching You.

That should be enough to make the President and his cohorts quite paranoid.


President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Vice President Mike Pence
The White House, West Wing
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Senator Majority Leader
Mitchell McConnell

317 Russell Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

To contact U.S. Senators

To contact U.S. Representatives

To find address
of any current representative

For information about Government Agencies

For a list of Cabinet Members

For addresses of Cabinet Members
google: address of (name of cabinet post)



Feel free to download, print and color this set of 4 postcards!

We Watch and We Vote Postcards PDF - FRONT   We Watch and We Vote Postcards PDF - BACK