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When we started Morrisound Recording in 1981 all recording was done in world class recording studios like ours. Whether you are interpreting a case in a novel way, trying to grow the pie in a negotiation, or reframing a bad fact, you need to hone your creativity. All students will be admitted as potential Honours students. Students taking this class will require to have taken Public Law 1 in the first year. It will also allow you to take a second subject, which will enhance your expertise and university experience even further. The EU law class focuses on the constitutional and institutional order of the EU as well as on the internal market. Following on from Public Law 1, Public Law 2 aims to consolidate knowledge and understanding of constitutional and administrative law. Family law concerns the control which the law exerts over domestic relationships and families; it affects everyone to a greater or lesser degree. Draft multiple headings for briefs or motions. Anyone can write creatively; all it takes is imagination and having something to say! How best might I approach writing promos for a senior group here in the town of Moraga, California? Law involves the study of the obligations, duties and rights which every member of society has in relation to one another and to the State. I’m trying to write a romance story with a little sci-fi elements. We also offer various research degrees including an MRes in Journalism. With us, you can study everything from poetry, the novel and drama (stage, screen, and radio) as you would expect on an English and Creative Writing degree, but in addition, at Strathclyde, we offer the opportunity to use creative writing skills as part of your approach to literary criticism. Sometimes writing helps me in expressing clearly what I am supposed to say but cannot because I am already drown with mixed emotions. But there often isn't enough attention devoted in law school either to thinking creatively or to reflecting in a creative way on the issues students confront inside and outside the classroom. Busy judges and clerks are known to pay special attention to tables of contents, so pushing the creative limits with your headings may be worth the effort. In the second year of the course, students must take two required classes and one option, which will enhance students’ conceptual understanding of the field and strengthen their practical skills, a good writer essay plus will introduce them to digital media. We are located in the centre of Glasgow and just a few minutes from the railway stations, bus stops, shops and restaurants. Thoughts and ideas can take years to develope into the final concept that you desire to put into words.

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Second-year entry for A Level/Advanced Higher candidates is possible with AA/AB in the two subjects you are planning to study. You can study the BA degree or in combination with another subject. Moreover there are considerably more job opportunities in this area, whether as an economic adviser, legal practitioner or in-house lawyer advising on effective compliance. It explores the history of digital media and asks students to think conceptually about it, but also to gain relevant practical skills related to digital journalism & effective communication in the digital age. In the Honours year, students again can choose from a variety of specialised practical and conceptual option classes. The tips are very hepful in writing piece. The Law with Creative Writing LLB will allow you to prepare for your career and follow your passions. All of those daydreaming activities will help you devise better ideas. If you begin exercising creativity regularly, you are very likely to find that new and better ideas seep into your law practice. Here’s my story but im a loss of what to do next! These classes develop your understanding of literary criticism from our first-year classes by engaging with the question of the historical situatedness of literary production, offering an overview of key ideas, debates and literary texts from the Renaissance to the present. Following on from the introduction to the constitution – its key actors, institutions and their functions – in Public Law 1, students taking Public Law 2 will build upon that knowledge here: first by focusing on the ways in which legal (judicial review) and quasi-legal (tribunals, public inquiries, ombudsmen) bodies supervise the exercise of constitutional and administrative decision making; secondly, by a detailed analysis of the political and legal mechanisms which exist for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. To this end, the class looks at the European integration process, the EU institutions, EU competences, the decision-making process within the EU, the principles underpinning the EU legal order and the principles governing the internal market. The first-year class, Introduction to Law & Legal Obligations, introduces the laws of contract and delict, which are the essential building blocks of most other areas of law, the court systems and judicial decision-making, and the law-making process in the UK. This class offers a wide variety of ways of thinking about 'Scottishness' and Scottish national identity. Have a look at our scholarship search to find a scholarship. Most industrialised countries, and the European Union now have elaborate laws, rules and procedures for ensuring the maintenance of a competitive economy. A conceptual class covering Scots law for journalists. A novel or a play, on the other hand, has plenty of time to unfold.

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Because these types are written in first person, it's easier for them to be creative. Pursuing the BA in Journalism, Media and Communication will engage you in useful learning in a broad professional context, which includes a critical understanding of the media industry, while acquiring technical and professional skills in journalism, communication, information design and management, and using them in the dynamic media market of Glasgow and beyond. A theoretical class, java writing custom exception which takes an in-depth look at major theories of the field and related methods. Journalism, Media & Communications graduates from Strathclyde have won awards for student journalism and have gone on to succeed at national newspapers, the regional press and as published authors. You'll be able to show excellent research and analytical skills alongside being able to interpret and explain complex information clearly to a wide range of audiences. The class mixes conceptual and practical elements for an in-depth look at the media’s role in society’s health and wellbeing. Though i,m told i am too deep.I wonder if that could be a plus for me someday as i,ve alot of ideas lingering in my head. Please note that studying law within the BA degree will not qualify you for entry to the legal profession. I have two unpublished children’s stories. More particularly, attention will be given to the rules which establish when the Scottish court has jurisdiction in any case involving a foreign element. The special project is an extension of feature writing skills and will take those to a new level by requiring students to produce a much longer and more sophisticated portfolio of work. Find out if you can benefit from this type of offer. Re-imagining our studio means that we will be able to offer the same high standards of audio recording in a more affordable package. The Ethics and Justice class aims to introduce students to the world of work by bridging the gap between theory and practice, and by providing them with the intellectual and practical tools to deal with the personal and practical dimensions of law in a competent, ethical and socially responsible manner.

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Graduates from our English programmes have gone on to have success in a very wide range of careers including in publishing, the civil service, management, marketing, journalism, creative writing, administration and teaching. But what colour it may be in memory, depends on the day. For more information on funding your studies have a look at our University Funding page. Writing is a phenomenon that I am unable to grasp. Featured image: “Creative writing, light bulb and many pencils on the table” from Shutterstock. The class analyses the construction of the popular, along with those historical, economic and cultural forces involved in deploying the popular to establish hierarchies of judgment and legitimacy. The concept is that the madman generates ideas, however crazy they may be. The Faculty has hosted numerous international conferences on topics ranging from texts and architecture to cyberculture. I first write to form the skeleton and add flesh to the skeletal as I go by. Undertaking a degree in law in at the University of Strathclyde will help you to gain confidence and develop persuasive oral communication skills. To extend Watts’ metaphor, you may find that these early attempts have wonky legs and an unsteady seat.


Quick and Easy, each postcard would bear a single, bold image of an eye with space under it for a short, pointed message, communicating the fact that we the public are watching them.


Hand-drawn, the eyes would all be different. They could be crude or refined, simple or complex, cartoon-like or realistic, in black and white or color. Style and drawing skill do not matter. The only thing that matters is that the image is recognizable as an eye.

Eyes are easy to draw: one curving line above, one curving line below, and a circle in the middle. When in doubt, Google Images provides hundreds of images of eyes that can be copied.


The message under the eye should be short and ominous, along the lines of, but not limited to:

We Are Watching You


We Watch and We Vote

The Voters are Watching You

Citizens See All

They can also include a brief, topical message, such as:

Protect Mueller Investigation

Russia, Hand’s Off Our Elections

Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Politicians

Equal Pay for Women

Build, Don’t Destroy

Train Us for a Changing Future

 Put Country above Party

GOP, the America Last Party

Going Backwards in All Directions

Imagine receiving such postcards, perhaps a few a day every day and from all over the country — all different but all with the same basic message.
We Are Watching You.

That should be enough to make the President and his cohorts quite paranoid.


President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Vice President Mike Pence
The White House, West Wing
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Senator Majority Leader
Mitchell McConnell

317 Russell Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

To contact U.S. Senators

To contact U.S. Representatives

To find address
of any current representative

For information about Government Agencies

For a list of Cabinet Members

For addresses of Cabinet Members
google: address of (name of cabinet post)



Feel free to download, print and color this set of 4 postcards!

We Watch and We Vote Postcards PDF - FRONT   We Watch and We Vote Postcards PDF - BACK